Kalender 2022 (13 Monate!) - Northern Silence Productions in cooperation with In Aeternum Fotografie

Starting with the year 2022, we are going to present a selection of 13 NSP releases in calendar format each year.

Released in limited editions, these calendars aim to promote the releases and the label in a different fashion than what is commonly done by underground Black Metal labels. We want to create something beautiful and memorable that is unique in today's scene, and allows for some additional creative expression on our part.

They are meant for fans of the bands and our label, for collectors and connoisseurs, but also people who may not be familiar with our releases at all and just enjoy beauty in all its different facets.

A Northern Silence calendar can make a great impression on the walls of your dungeons and is a refreshingly unique present if you want to gift your friends and loved ones something else than just another CD, vinyl or shirt.

Format - A4: 30cm x 21cm (closed) / 60cm x 21cm (open)

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